"I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word" (LK 1:38)

How Cosmos is different

At Cosmos, we’re experts in faith based travel - the art of bringing you an unforgettable experience, time and time again. With over 50 years of touring under our belts and no sign of slowing down. We know how to make pilgrimages that you’ll never forget; creating the experience you’ve always dreamed of, and showing you the ones you never even thought of. We take the planning and logistics off your hands.

Why Cosmos

With over 50 years of experience of touring under our belts, we have world value travel figured out and no sign of us slowing down. Our knowledgeable Tour Directors are constantly unearthing new local secrets, and consider success to be all about delivering you rewarding and enriching experiences.

With Cosmos, we’re hooked not on travel as a destination, but on the way travel makes you feel, and our promise is to make pilgrimages you’ll never forget. Connect with a new world of people, places and experiences; ignite your travel imagination and we’ll help you live It’s simple, made special.

Why travel with Cosmos

When it comes to your pilgrimage, our job is to take the planning and logistics off your hands: your job is to go live it easy. We help create spiritual experiences you’ve always dreamt of, ones you never thought of and make everything hassle free.

We all know friends who know amazing places are the best friends of all. With an impressive history within our passports – the art of immersing you in enriching moments time and time again – our Tour Directors and Local Guides will help you delve beneath the surface every time. We’ve found the awe-inspiring moments & destinations, and sharing those with you is what we’re all about.

We are passionate about faith based travel and believe that travel isn’t about the how or where: it’s about feeling completely refreshed, enriched and creating memories you’ll re-live again and again. To do this we make sure you have comfy stays, but focus your funds on the world outside your door -- because we know that’s where the best bits are.

You’ll sit back in our comfortable coaches, knowing that even during the journey, you won’t miss a beat.

50 Years!

With over 50 years’ in touring and over 10 years in faith based travel, there’s no sign of us slowing down. Our experience means we know our stuff.

The friends you want

You’ll never miss a beat with our knowledgeable Tour Directors and Local Guides by your side. They uncover local gems so you can create lasting memories, that are both rich in culture and faith.

First Class Coaches

Sit back, relax and reflect on the day’s events, as you take it all in on our comfortable and safe coaches.

Delicious dishes

Tantalise your tastebuds with local delights. Our meals give you the chance to savour local gems, as well as the freedom to create your own taste adventure.

Freedom and Flexibility

Your pilgrimage has been designed to give you freedom and flexibility to fully engage in your faith while journeying to World Youth Day, Panama 2019.